What we do

Contact with authorities

We handle as much contact with authorities as possible, and thereby keeping your spent time at a minimum.

Document management

We manage all documents, legal documentation and other formalities to keep the process running smoothly.

Continuous dialogue

We are in close dialogue with you at all times, so you always know what is being done when and why.

Strict process

Based on your needs, we manage a strict process usually starting with the formal establishment in an East African country. If necessary, we also assist with finding suitable locations, setting up agreement for offices and services.

We handle as many trivial tasks as possible, especially regarding contact with authorities and public offices, to minimise the time you need to be psychically present in the country until needed for your own business operations.

We manage the flow of documents, and we have the assistants acquiring permits and certificates, that do not require your presence.

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Our work is all about transparency. We are in continuous dialogue with you during the process, so you always know what is being done, and why it is being done.

Transparency is also important during any contact with authorities. We do not pay for any “fast tracking” and we do not pay any bribes or similar. It is important for your trust in us and your future business in the area, that all permits, licenses and certificates are legally “air tight” and formally acknowledged, so you do not experience any issues later on.

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